Diana II Comfort

Diana II Comfort

  • Reliable
  • Maximum user weight 230 kg
  • Can be equipped with an electrical or manual 4-point spreader.

The Diana II Comfort is a stable, electrically operated lift with high maximum user weight, allowing people weighing up to 230 kg to be safely supported when they are being lifted. Our extensive range of E-clip slings provides the required support. Lifting from a bed, in/out of a chair or wheelchair, on/off the toilet, and even from the floor, these are a few examples of the many situations where the Diana II Comfort can provide support. This lift is suitable for clients of different heights and weights, due to the high load capacity, the large range of the lift arm, and the adjustable 4-point spreader bar.


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Applying Toileting Sling, and transferring from bed to Dolphin shower chair with Diana Comfort mobile lift.

Applying Toileting Sling, and transferring from bed to ...

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Product Name Article Number
Diana II Comfort 4ESB (Electrical Spreader Bar) 90560
Diana II Comfort 4MSB (Manual Spreader Bar) 90559
Product Sheet
Product Sheet
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  • Size: 443 KB
User Manual
User Manual
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  • Size: 4 MB

Using the 4-point spreader bar allows you to place the client into the appropriate recumbent or sitting position. A practical solution is the manually operated spreader bar: it can provide three positions: recumbent, semi-recumbent and sitting.
For frequent use, we recommend an electric 4-point hanger bar, where every angle in-between recumbent and sitting is a possibility. It has a rotation point so that the client can easily and safely be rotated 360 degrees. This greatly increases the
level of user convenience. The electric leg operation allows the lift to be placed around a chair/toilet to get as close as possible to a client for a more comfortable transfer. It is easy to maneuver the lift thanks to the large, high-quality twin casters. This, and many
other factors, make the Diana Comfort II, a durable high-quality product.

Optimal support can be provided by combining the Diana Comfort II with one of our e-clip slings. The universal E-clip is a proven system for fastening a sling to a lift, thereby significantly reducing the risk of errors. Our slings provide optimal support
for extra secure, comfortable, and safe transfers.

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