Bath Sling

Bath Sling

Divided leg (wide) High support. Padded head and leg. 4 loops.

Bath Sling
Toileting Sling High

Toileting Sling High

Divided leg (straight). High support. Padded leg section. 6 loops.

Toileting Sling High
Toileting Sling

Toileting Sling

Divided leg (straight). Medium support. Padded leg section. 4 loops.

Toileting Sling
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At Human Care we care very much about our assortment of hygiene products. Our focus on this part of our clients’ lives help us, as healthcare providers, to positively contribute to clients’ overall health as hygiene is a massive part of getting and feeling better everyday.

Practicing hygiene is a simple yet crucial way to control spreading of disease, but it is also a large part of being human. Feeling clean and hygienic is vital in any situation, but especially when vulnerable and perhaps ill. Furthermore, for caregivers, it may sometimes be difficult to make sure their clients uphold cleanliness.

Our Dolphin II

The design of the Dolphin II is made especially for client and caregiver. The different height adjustments of the seat, makes the chair more ergonomic and less straining on the caregiver’s body.

The Dolphin II comes with a footplate that can be adjusted depending on the client’s length. The large range of the seat height means that the caregiver can even address the personal hygiene needs of the client at hip height.


For the caregiver:

The electrically operated tilt is seamless as seat and backrest tilt as one, keeping the client in a stable position. It is easy for the caregiver to operate the system using only one hand and without any effort, thus facilitating the most comfortable position for both the client and caregiver. It is easier for the client to stand up from the chair from a sitting position because of the forward tilt. The armrests continue around the front so that the client has a secure support, which is useful when it is necessary to lean forward to receive personal care.

See informational video here:

For the client:

It is utterly important that the design makes the client feel safe. The Dolphin’s armrests are there when needed but can be easily folded up so that they do not get in the way of a transfer in/out of the chair. Dolphin II has a headrest that can be adjusted in terms of height, depth, and angle for the client’s comfort and the bowl-shaped design of the headrest means that the client can rest their head securely and comfortably. The level of the footplate can be adjusted to provide correct foot support for clients of different heights.

Our Orka Shower Trolley

Some clients may be permanently in a reclined position in a bed and in need of a tool that can help their caregivers provide them with bathing and cleaning at an ergonomic height. This robust product makes the washing and cleaning comfortable and steering the trolley is made easy.

The Orka comes in a hydraulic or electric height adjustment option and includes foldable side rails. The one-piece water-resistant vinyl covered shower mattress has high sides and a semi-cylindrical head pillow for added comfort and safety for persons of all ages. The Orka is available in both junior and bariatric models so it can be used with children and clients in larger sizes. Picture

The large castors offer easy steering that then allows you to lock the front left wheel in the direction of steering. The top end of the stretcher has gas spring assisted incline up to 5°, this prevents pooling around the client’s head, as well as drainage through the integrated mattress drain which includes a flexible hose. It ensures easy steering, fast adjustments to guarantee flexibility for the caregiver, in a comfortable position for the client.

Human Care Hygienic Slings

All our Human Care Slings are categorized according to the best suited area of use. The categories include bariatric, high back, low back, lying down, standing up and of course hygiene. Any client or customer who would like to know more can have a look here: URL.

Our offering of hygiene slings is especially made for situations which have greater sanitary needs. Such as visiting the toilet or having a bath. The Bath Sling has been made with a special Polyester Net material that is fast drying and therefore suits wet environments well. The Toileting Sling comes in a high and a low model, the model depends on the strength of the clients.

Human Care Hygienic Slings

The Toileting Slings

The Toileting slings are available in two low back models and one high back model with an adjustable neck support for increased head stability. The wide partition of the leg parts makes the sling application fast and simple and enables dressing and undressing during toileting or bathing. The Toileting Sling E-Clip is also available.

The Toileting Sling high back model features a reclined (backward tilted) position that prevents the user from sliding out of the sling and is especially beneficial for those hypertonic users that tend to overstress themselves (spastic performance) or those hypotonic users with lesser body control.

The Toileting Sling  with a low back features an upright seated position that makes transferring to and from a toilet much easier.

The Bath Sling

The Bath Sling features a reinforced back and leg parts that offer additional support throughout the back area for those users with poor trunk stability. It can be used with or without an optional waist belt that is available in an assortment of sizes with a Velcro or buckle closure.