A systematic way of working with environmental management helps Human Care to protect the environment through preventive measures while strengthening the organization’s market position

Global Environmental Management System

The Human Care´s global environmental management system regulates processes and practices that enable the organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. The system is certificated according to ISO14001:2015 and it addresses the requirements of European and American environmental legislation.

Environmental Policy

As a manufacturer of medical devices, Human Care markets solutions for improved mobility to people. Human Care strives to be a role model in our industry and therefore we take great care of the environment, quality, and sustainability as we develop our products. Our main environmental impact is in the areas:

  • Knowledge and information – We design our products with respect to the environment
  • Purchase and suppliers – We encourage our subcontractors’ take into account an environmental management system
  • Transports – We optimize our transports to reduce emissions
  • Waste management – We manage the waste that occurs within our business and is affiliated with FTI, reporting packaging of imported products annually
  • Energy use – We choose energy from renewable energy sources

Human Care aims to adhere to applicable environmental Regulations and Directives and we work continuously to prevent pollution throughout our EMS and through internal knowledge of environmentally adapted materials and products. We also work with continuous improvements to continuously develop and to evaluate implemented measures and goals.


Human Care has established processes to ensure obligation compliance. We request all our suppliers a declaration for compliant with RoHS directives and REACH Regulation.