Diana II

Diana II

  • Compact
  • Foldable
  • Perfect for small spaces

The Diana II is an extremely stable, electrically operated lift with a compact, foldable frame so that it can be used in spaces with limited room to maneuver.

The Diana II provides clients with the support they need when they are lifted from their bed, in/out of a chair or wheelchair, on/off the toilet, and even from
the floor. Thanks to its compact size the Diana II is ideal for use in small spaces, for instance, at home where there may be narrow doorways and in toilets/bathrooms.
It is also very useful in healthcare institutions where other medical devices that are necessary can often clutter an area. The large, high-quality, and durable twin casters ensure that the lift is easy to maneuver.

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Product Name Article Number
Diana II MLA (Manual Leg Adjustment) 90555
Diana II ELA (Electrical Leg Adjustment) 90556
Hanger Bar 2 p 35 cm 90567
Hanger Bar 2 p 45 cm 90557
Hanger Bar 2 p 60 cm 90568
Hanger Bar 4 MSB (Manual Spreader Bar) 90558
Product Sheet
Product Sheet
  • Format: pdf,
  • Size: 455 KB
User Manual
User Manual
  • Format: pdf,
  • Size: 5 MB

Mobile lift accessories

Please see available products within the mobile lift accessory section.


The leg spreading allows the lift to be placed around a chair/toilet to get as close as possible to a client for a more comfortable transfer. You can choose
between operating the legs manually using foot pedals or by means of a fully integrated electrical control.

The Diana II can be equipped with a 2-point hanger bar for loop slings or a manual 4-point spreader bar for e-clip slings.

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