Published: 29/4/2022 Company news

Human Care donates rollators for 1.3 MSEK

Human Care donates rollators for 1.3 MSEK

Human Care decided earlier this year to develop its social responsibility program to include more aid and charity organizations. The first donation to Human Bridge consists of 446 rollators of the Leila brand and includes several different sizes and colors. The rollators are completely new and unused and are delivered in their original packaging. The market value of the donation corresponds to 1,351,000 SEK. The donated rollators will now be stored at Human Bridge’s warehouse in southern parts of Sweden for further transport in various aid consignments.

Human Bridge started in 2001 and has a developed logistical network where they assist hospitals and care facilities in vulnerable areas and developing countries with medical equipment. So far this year, Human Bridge has sent around 40 aid shipments, of which 18 to Ukraine, 3 to Moldova as well as to several other destinations in Eastern Europe and Africa.

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